Posted by: thecyberkrib | October 15, 2008

Q-Tip “Move” (produced by J Dilla)

The Q-Tip album The Renaissance is currently slated for a November 4 release (U.S. election day), numerous delays past, hopefully this date sticks with the relevancy of the U.S. election.

There’s been previous talk of two albums, one based around mostly live instrumentation, with an older album featuring a number of tracks produced by J Dilla, however it looks like maybe The Renaissance will be a combination of the both.

This is the video for the new single “Move” produced by the man Dilla himself.

Also, check out the video for “Gettin’ Up”…

and footage from an album listening party in DC.

I’ll repost this as a separate post in a few days or so, but a treat to you that read this low in the post. Hear the new track “Shaka” from the new album exclusively from the DC listening party. This shit sounds amazing – the Ummah sound back again!

Check the previous Q-Tip singles from the forthcoming album through the links below.

Previously: Q-Tip “Gettin’ Up” | Q-Tip “Fever” (produced by J Dilla)




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