This BLOG is spearheaded by TheCyberKrib.com, as an extension of one of Canada’s premiere hip hop/soul (urban) websites. TheCyberKrib United will feature a tight knit community of contributors and content providers, a platform for many talented individuals from across Canada and beyond. Whether it be a destination to check out photos of a live event near you, a blog from a special guest artist, news and audio from guest DJ contributors, or appearances by some of Canada’s key writers, TheCyberKrib United will always offer something of interest to you. Please contact us if you feel you’ve got the stripes to contribute – we’re always open to widening our collective.



  1. Dear TheCyberKRib,

    Just thought your readers might be interested in our article and blog post about Santogold—she puts together her ultimate spring break mix and talks a bit about why “this music is more music by artists for artists.”

    You can read more here:




  2. Hi

    We are currently updating our contact database and want to make sure that we have your correct contact information. We have many exciting new projects coming up including the following DVDs: BET’S AMERICAN GANGSTER 2, WELCOME HOME ROSCO JENKINS, BALDWIN HILLS, COLLEGE ROAD TRIP and STEP UP 2, and want to make sure that we include you!

    Please send the following information.

    Correct contact name


    Contact number

    Email address

    Thank you in advance,


    Iman Criner

    NEW YORK: 330 West 38th Street ◂ Suite 208 ◂ New York, NY 10018 ◂ Telephone (212) 643-4664 ◂ Facsimile (212) 643-4688

    LOS ANGELES: 5670 Wilshire Blvd ◂ Suite 1620 ◂ Los Angeles, CA 90036 ◂ Telephone (323) 525-3200 ◂ Facsimile (323) 525-3208

  3. You guys got an email??

  4. Do you have a contact e-mail address?

  5. Jesse
    Just giving you heads up about a few things:

    Under Pressure 200H8TE (MTL)
    Aug 9-10th
    (img) http://underpressure.ca/Pict.png

    The Maple Mothership
    Every Sat 1:30-4:30 PM AST
    Got more things growing with this than imaginable…

    Reach out to your fams…the contacts I gots for u aint working no more…
    blessings fams!

  6. Hey Cyberkrib,
    This is Alex from the Live A Good Life Blog, I just wanted to inform that the liveagl blog was changed from http://www.liveagl.com/blog to simply http://www.liveagl.com

  7. yo hit me with your contact email if you can


  8. Yeah, you can contact us at info@thecyberkrib.com.

  9. respect…



    The Stop The Violence Movement

    Performing Live in TORONTO

    At The Opera House
    735 Queen St. E

    Friday June 12th 2009


  10. Hi CyberKrib,

    I’d really like to submit a press pack with a copy of my latest CD. Please let me know how to go about doing so? Thanks!


  11. Hello,

    I am contacting on behalf of AUX.TV.
    If you aren’t familiar, AUX is what’s next in music television. Raw, authentic and intimate, Aux is the emerging and diverging music channel. Aux aims to dig deep into music culture and hopes to uncover some of the best artists.

    It’s all about hip hop when Toronto emcee I.E. gives fans a flava for the underground scene and beyond. Each half hour highlights a mix of elements shaping hip hop culture, including special aspects like promoters, fashion designers, and those who use hip hop to foster change in their communities. Backstage interviews, live concert footage, and exclusive freestyle cyphers are captured in their rawest form.


  12. Check Out the Up-and Comers….. DEEPSPACE




  13. can we get ur email???


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