Posted by: thecyberkrib | October 13, 2008

The Foreign Exchange Leave It All Behind

Nicolay and Phonte make their return with Leave It All Behind, the second album from The Foreign Exchange duo, who now reside on the same continent, actually in the same US state!

Regarless of location, The Foreign Exchange bang out a brand new album, this time featuring Phonte featured on vocals as opposed to the raps.

The debut single, a beautiful track, features Brooklyn based singer Muhsinah, which you can listen to below…

Also check out the album sampler below…

Foreign Exchange Leave It All Behind Sampler
a. Take Off The Blues
b. All or Nothing
c. Something To Behold
d. If This Is Love
e. If She Breaks Your Heart

The Foreign Exchange hits stores in North America tomorrow, Tuesday, October 14.

If you’re in the Toronto area come check out the album at a listening/release party at Social Experiment (Octopus Lounge – Thursday, October 16) with DJ Mensa.


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