Posted by: thecyberkrib | March 25, 2010

Ayah & Jazzy Jeff This Way album sampler

Been waiting for this to emerge!

A sneak peek, a BIG sneak peek of the forthcoming Ayah & Jazzy Jeff (TDot to Philly) collabo has emerged, immediately following a performance at SXSW last weekend.

The talented Toronto vocalist/songwriter has been doing the regular commute to Philly over the past year or so putting together what sounds like a FIRE record. This Way will be released in the coming months – we’ll keep you posted once a final release date is announced.

Listen to the full sampler below which features 5 full length songs, plus snippits of more tracks and remixes that I assume will appear on the project.

Full tracks:

01. My World (Just a Girl)
02. Catch Me
03. Forgive Me Love
04. He Don’t Want It
05. Be Alright


06. Back For More
07. You’re Here (LAdam)
08. Might Not Be
09. Last Night (Time)
10. You Only
11. Wonder
12. Notorious

Big up on the artwork to Toronto’s own Heinz.

Listen to the 5 full tracks below, and to check out all the snippits make sure to download the full sampler at the link below.

Download This Way sampler.


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