Posted by: thecyberkrib | March 10, 2010

Esthero “Black Mermaid” (first listen – artist blog exclusive)

Amazing, brand new Esthero (full track preview) via her personal blog.  Collaboration with Chin Injeti, a song written for use by Esthero’s “sister” Cree Summer.

As a respectful gesture to the artist, we won’t rip this audio off the blog, but simply put a link to the blog post that it was included in.

UPDATE: due to a glitch on Esthero’s blog, the song has become unavailable, so we’ve posted a rip of the song below in 128k version, until the link is back live on her blog.

Give us your feedback below.



  1. i could do without the “all the dark horses, all the good men” part. but the rest of it is beautiful.

    • Guess you better write your own song then. “I could do without” Get the hell out of here! The whole track is beautiful. Shame on you! Grow a soul!

  2. Thanks for this I was going crazy tryna find it.

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