Posted by: thecyberkrib | March 2, 2010

South Africa to TDot: Zaki Ibrahim & Kamau [videos]

We all really need to appreciate the level of talent coming out of Toronto (and Canada overall) right now.

Here’s a great sample of two recent videos that show how amazing our Canadian talent is, taking artists half way across the world to share this talent with others.

Zaki Ibrahim performs “Daylight” as part of the music love movement called Taxijam, where South African (based/origin) artists perform inside a packed taxi van for a 5 minute, unedited video piece. (credit to Mike Jansen on the link)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kamau also released a great video piece to accompany his recent mixtape release Love & Other Struggles.  The dubplate to J Dilla’s “Love It Here” performed originally by Elzhi, is documented in video format, pairing Toronto city visuals with Kamau’s poetic lyricism.  The video was cut and shot by Nabil Shash.

Previously: Mixtape: Ian Kamau Vol. 3 Love & Other Struggles



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