Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 31, 2009

Mixtape: DJ Royale From Boo Boo to the Boardroom

DJ Royale - From Boo Boo to the Boardroom (front cover)

There’s always a few DJ’s during a particular year that stand out, due to their hustle and drive, and to a certain level figuring out where they best fit in within the range of avenues a DJ has in front of them.

DJ Royale (of Grand Groove with Big Jacks) saw a great year in 2009, not only holding down his residencies, but also expanding in to doing gigs around Toronto in a variety of circles – both underground and commercial. (see our 2009 Year In Review on New Years Day for more DJ’s in this category)

Royale wraps up 2009 with a mixtape dedicated to the career of 50 Cent.  Here’s a summary below…

It’s been 10 years since 50 jumped on the scene, even with label set backs and the near death experience. 50 carved his own lane creating club ready tunes detailing his early years on the streets of Queens New York, vicious disses towards his many enemies and of course his love for the opposite sex.

50 Cent continues to excite fans around the world as a global music and cultural icon. DJ Royale brings together hits, remixes, album cuts and mixtape classics. Creating a mixtape showcasing what brought Boo Boo to the Boardroom, clever and witty lyrics over booming beats with memorable melodic hooks.

You don’t see 50 appear that often on TheCyberKrib, but in tribute to an emcee who definitely capitalized on the commercial end of hip hop, and created a thriving business career out of rap, we give it up to 50 for his savy and business sense.

Full Single Non-Stop Mix

Mixtape (broken tracks download)



  1. Just a heads up: The link for the split tracks mix is dead.

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