Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 30, 2009

KJ limited FREE album download The Headphone

As the year is just about a wrap, I’m happy to post up a FREE download to the debut KJ album. You’ll read more about KJ in TheCyberKrib 2009 Year In Review we’ll publish on New Years Day.

This album has been available since December 18th, and will remain available as a FREE download for 1-month until January 18th, so make sure you hit the download link below immediately – don’t sleep on this one, trust me.

The Headphone

1. Intro (prod. by J. Real)
2. Believe Me (prod. by Dylon)
3. Hoop Dreams (prod. by KJ)
4. Out The Box (prod. by KJ)
5. Nitro (prod. by J. Real)
6. Check Up (prod. by Dylon)
7. Repeat (prod. by KJ) [see video link on previous post link below]
8. Otherside (prod. by KJ)
9. Midtro (prod. by J. Real)
10. Four Seasons (prod. by KJ)
11. For Real (prod. by KJ)
12. Life feat. Brendan Philip (prod. by Lord Quest)

Download KJ’s The Headphone here (available FREE download until January 18, 2010).

Previously: KJ “Repeat” 


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