Posted by: thecyberkrib | August 25, 2009

CoatesXTwice “Supernova” (from the new album Supernova)


Toronto based emcee Chris Quotes, has just released a full length collaborative effort with Montreal (now Vancouver) based producer Think Twice.   Based on past posts of music, you may realize that Think Twice is among my favorite Canadian producers, a prior group he was involved in called The Specifics may ring  a bell, and Think Twice has continued to churn out production and instrumental albums to push over in Japan, where he has a great following established.

Chris Quotes you may also know as Puffy Coates, who has also been a writer for Toronto based POUND Magazine (which has now moved it’s home base to Santiago, Chile).  I’ve been happy to include this cat on various concerts I’ve thrown, and really enjoy the energy and writing that he runs with.

The full album will be available soon internationally through iTunes, but it’s currently available through drop card purchase through Quotes, Think Twice, and DJ Sauce.  Contact for purchase.

Listen to “Supernova”

CoatesXTwice Supernova

01. Heat
02. Money In The Rhymebook
03. Fresh feat. Specifics
04. Just The Tip feat. Tigarah
05. Tips Of My Toes
06. Supernova
07. The Only Hot Thing
08. Where’s The Cash At?
09. Weeoooh
10. The Accomplice (bonus)


  1. Delish!
    Just do it Quotes!

  2. Canada’s undisputed hottest producer plus the post-baller meta-bling of Puff-C… This is a heavy team up. Extra shouts for “The Only Hot Thing”and “The Accomplice”.. some of the smartest hip hop the scene has heard in years.

  3. In heavy rotation at the Irvington Sport and Game Palace. It’s that….It’s that groove. Jahhh

  4. Yo if you haven’t heard this album go an get it NOW. Some of the sickest hip hop to ever come out of Canada no joke.

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