Posted by: thecyberkrib | August 21, 2009

KJ “Repeat” [video]


One of my personal favorite emcees in Toronto right now, a newcomer to most, KJ is definitely going to turn some heads in the coming months.

The Bristol, UK born/bred emcee, residing in Toronto since age 11, KJ will span the genres of hip hop, dance genres, soul, and broken-beat in a single performance.  The emcee who doubles as self-producer on some of his material, boasts a delivery and cadence that is rarely seen in hip hop.  His abilty to glide over a wide range of production with ease, puts him in a elite category out the gate.  To boot, he’s got a great live show, giving 100% at shows, and actually interesting to watch on stage (unfortunately the same can’t be said for many emcees overall these days, regardless of location).

KJ’s first official video for “Repeat” was released last week and it’s a nice touch to add to the short but sweet single. You can find the track on his A Breath Of Fresh Heir mixtape which KJ released in June. (download the mixtape at

Check out KJ as part of the MANIFESTO Festival 2009 in Toronto, September 16-20. More info about MANIFESTO at



  1. Dude is sick!!!

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