Posted by: thecyberkrib | July 30, 2009

Rich Kidd (production) feat. Saukrates and Drake “The Search”


First off, big-up to Rich Kidd who just released his most recent mixtape of “productions” entitled We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 3. Respect to DJ Mensa for hosting the release of the mixtape in Toronto at Octopus last night – Social Experiment Thursdays will definitely be a spot to look for – launching some new upcoming projects.

It’s great to see Saukrates and Drizzy on a track together, as I remember many an event a few years back seeing Drake rolling in with Saukrates and crew, back when the roles were reversed. As I see it Saukrates was definitely a protege to a younger Drake, and it’s good to see it be recognized on a track collabo like this.

As much flack that comes at Drake for his recent moves, I’m glad to see that a track like this has been recorded within the past couple months – it brings me to thinking that Drake hasn’t totally forgotten his Toronto roots. Proof is in the track.

Saukrates, well, he’s been the man on fire this past week, with about as many appearances on new tracks as there’s been days – great to see him back on the grind, definitely, on the grind.

Again, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Toronto be glad (if only for this reason) that the summer weather’s been shit, as it’s helped to make all this great music happen in an expedited manner.

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