Posted by: thecyberkrib | July 28, 2009

Jay Electronica “Dear Moleskine” trailer (prod by Just Blaze)

Jay Electronica

Oh boy, looks like another Jay Electronica / Just Blaze collabo is about to emerge, unless it’s just another 15 second cock-tease by Jay, which he’s known to do in the past.

The trailer incorporates some geat quality footage of Jay somewhere in East Asia.

The Moleskine reference would be an ode to his notebook (the Italian style of course).

We’ll keep you up to speed when this full track and/or video emerges.  If anyone can tell me what that first sample is in the intro, before the actual track kicks in, I’ll love you forever.

Also, check out this little youtube goodie, a Just Blaze exclusive aired on Tony Touch (Shade 45).  Mos Def drops some lyrics over Jay Electronica’s “Transformations”, then a second Just Blaze track is played featuring Mos Def ad lib banter and Jay Elec.  Talib Kweli is in on the commentary, and himself drops a hint about Liberation 2, his collaborative work with Madlib, a second project coming out.



  1. Oh Jay E. I was little thrown aback by him last year at Rock the Bells. But def feeling his humble in this video.

    thanks cyberkrib!

  2. I have been trying to find the sample to dear moleskines intro and I finally found it, im not sure if you have, but just in case…

    Bayete – Free Angela

    The sample starts around 3:14 mark

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