Posted by: thecyberkrib | July 20, 2009

Under Pressure (Montreal’s international graffiti expo) needs your support


One of Canada’s marquee hip hop culture festivals, Under Pressure in Montreal, is facing a funding shortfall this year and need the support of Canadian fans of the culture to help keep the festival running for what will be close to their 15th year in operation.

Click on the image above to donate, or if you’re using old school methods, you can always snail mail a donation to.

Under Pressure
P.O. Box 605 Branch Place d’Armes
Montreal, QC
H2Y 3H8

Check out a promo video Mark McKay, Classified and Mic Boyd shot to help support this funding push to keep Under Pressure alive. Please support!



  1. I want to perform at the Under Pressure rap event on August 7th. I have a rep for freestyling, and hosted this years central stage dancing and freestyling to 5 different DJ’s for Toronto Pride. I released an indie album in 2004, and put on a killer show. If I have a 5-7 min set I’d drop a written rhyme and get the crowd hyped on a freestyle – all for free. I am friends with Ari (DJ Brake) and Barbi (Syntonics) who both let me freestyle last year for the event. I love Montreal and would take off the night from work – drive over from Toronto and show everyone what a freestyler with 13 years experience performing is all about.

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