Posted by: thecyberkrib | July 20, 2009

DJ Spinna “Melody” feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq and Erik Rico (from Sonic Smash)


One of my favorite overall producers (and I emphasize “producer”), DJ Spinna, releases his first full length hip hop release in 10-years tomorrow (Tuesday, July 21) entitled Sonic Smash through High Water Music.

Since the release of some great records in the late 90’s, including my favorite, the Mary Joy Beyond Real record that I believe was only released officially in Japan, is one of my favorite Spinna releases that I have on full vinyl. Spinna has also released a more all encompassing release through BBE as part of the Beat Generation series, another great record that focused more on the soul facet of Spinna’s production.

You’ll notice a darker sound to most of his hip hop production. You’ll also notice some of the better emcees on the mic on this release, but still keeping to names who are still somewhat below the radar, solid, consistent emcees who don’t mind operating below the mainstream. Newer faces appear as well including Torae, Homeboy Sandman, and Fresh Daily.

DJ Spinna Sonic Smash

01. Intro (feat. Joc Max)
02. Elemental (feat. Sputnik Brown)
03. Lyrics is Back (feat. Torae)
04. Lights Out! (feat. John Robinson)
05. New York (feat. Jigmastas)
06. Call Me Senor (feat. Senor Kaos)
07. Get On Down (feat. Fresh Daily, P.Casso and Homeboy Sandman)
08. Making Your Way in the World (feat. Breezly Brewin and J-Treds)
09. Guaranteed (feat. Phonte and Yahzarah)
10. More (feat. Dynas)
11. More Colors (feat. Elzhi)
12. Melody (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq and Erik Rico)
13. Still Golden (feat. Tiye Phoenix)
14. Outro

Here’s one of the happier cuts off the album “Melody” featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq and the sweet vocals of Erik Rico.

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