Posted by: thecyberkrib | May 13, 2009

Mos Def “Casa Bey” [video] vs. Drake (in all honesty…)


(Read about the origin of The Ecstatic cover art)

Wow. How much do is miss Mos Def in his true and classic form.

This makes me dwell for a minute on conversations over the past few days I’ve had about Canada’s success story of the moment, Drake drizzy. Now, I applaud the guy for his success, and love that we have another talented Canadian emcee on the map – especially one who is currently in the top 5 ranks as far as the rap game goes right now in the United States.

However, I draw the line when people speak about Drake as far as an “amazing” emcee. He’s clever, yes. He’s got good punch lines, yes. He’s in this format of emo-rap that seems to be popular right now. He’s got an amazing team and package surrounding him, most definitely. Is he an emcee who I’d put in my top 10 list of contemporary rappers of the moment? Definitely not.

A cat like Mos Def, unbelievable. This guys captures the essence of what hip hop to me is all about. You break it down to the real nuts and bolts – remove the money, remove the clothes/gear, remove the co-signs, remove the star-status, remove the commercial radio play, remove the YES men, and you’ve got what to me represents the true art of lyricism and of hip hop.

It’s great to see rap and hip hop develop and grow, and true say, it’s great to see our youth be able to embrace someone like Drake versus some thug ass clown, in that sense it’s progression in the right direction for sure.

But really, can it in any way compare to this…?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mos Def’s Downtown Records debut is due in-stores June 9. The only guest appearances lyrically on this album are Talib Kweli and Slick Rick. Producers contributing their talent to the record include: Oh No, Chad Hugo (The Neptunes), Madlib, Mr. Flash, DJ Preservation, J Dilla, and Georgia Anne Muldrow (go ladies)!

Read this excerpt from Frolab (a really dope blog who seem to have Mos close at hand):

The anticipation for this album is immense! We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Mos Def through many stages of recording this album over the last year & a half and last night got the final listen at mastering. WOW. Its hard to describe how good this album sounds!! My first comparison was to the first time I listened to “The Score” – singing you hadn’t heard before, music samples used in ways you hadn’t heard before, rhyme patterns you hadn’t heard before – Dante is delivering what you’ve been waiting for with this one! The tracks you’ve heard already “Quiet Dog”, “Live in Marvelous Times” and “Casa Bey” are standouts but my personal favorites are “Twilight”, “History” feat. Talib Kweli, & wait til you hear the beautiful frolaboration on Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Roses.” Then there’s one with Slick Rick & one where he does the entire song in Spanish and I don’t know what he says but its amazing. Shouts out to Preservation, Dilla, Oh No & Madlib on the beats, and to Jan Fairchild on the boards and to Bernie Grundman – the master of all mastering.


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