Posted by: thecyberkrib | April 22, 2009

Mixtape: ALBe BACK Hi presented by Mick Boogie


A great new mixtape/album dropped yesterday from Bronx based emcee ALBe Back (Al Be Back).

The cousin of the late Big Pun, South Bronx born and raised, ALBe may be remembered as “Brooklyn” in the Chris Robinson directed movie ATL, or you may have caught him as a featured poet on Def Poetry Jam. ALBe’s life story was documented in the Rotimi Rainwater directed SPIT.

Music wise, ALBe wrote and produced “Good Night” feat. Mos Def on Kanye West’s Graduation.

1. “Booo”
2. “Mira Mira” ft. Fabolous
3. “Love You More”
4. “ALL4ONE”
5. “The Interlude” ft. Whosane
6. “16, 17, 18” ft. KRS-ONE and Mc Lyte
7. “Plastic World”
8. “Never Let It Go Away”
9. “Without You”
10. “Goodnight” ft. Kanye West and Mos Def

Download ALBe BACK’s mixtape/album Hi presented by Mick Boogie: here


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