Posted by: thecyberkrib | March 2, 2009

The Real Frequency x 16-years = 16-MC’s x 16-bars


Yeah, got a little behind on this one, but wanted to get the entry put together just right.  Those of you reading this for the first time, you’ll be in for a treat!

Anyone who knows rapper logistics, knows getting 16-emcees together for a custom project is like trying to get 16 global leaders together at the same table, so who best to bring together 16 of TDot’s outstanding emcees together on a concept project than The Real Frequency.

Toronto’s longest running hip hop mixshow run by the same crew throughout, The Real Frequency show began on York Radio CHRY 105.5FM, moved over to Ryerson Radio CKLN 88.1FM to replace DJ X’s Powermove, and now reside as one of the sole true hip hop mixshows on commercial urban radio in Canada (FLOW93.5). would like to congratulate The Real Freq’s on their 16-years on-air, and the 16 16’s mixtape commemorating this milestone.

16 16’s features the cast of emcee you see on the tray card below, mixed by Inzane and P-Plus, hosted by Arcee, with DJ Grouch on the cuts and Big Sproxx on the mixdown.  Respect to Keezy as well.


Respect to one of Toronto’s finest illustrators ParisHil for the outstanding artwork.

Download: full mix single track OR track-by-track separated (ready to burn)


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