Posted by: thecyberkrib | February 6, 2009

Busta Rhymes “Respect My Conglomerate” feat. Young Jeezy and Jadakiss


Busta Rhymes continues to push out tracks, to the point that I’m not sure what will actually be on the album, and which are just buzz or street cuts, but I guess we’ll see once Back On My BS drops in March.

Diggin’ this track.

“Respect My Conglomerate”



  1. yo i luv this song and u should listen to htis song like everyday ya dig

  2. yo i want to know who say the speech just respect my conglomerate i know its a girl but dis song is da best i bet you the next remix will be wit lil kim peace.

  3. its jadakiss that sings the respect my conglomerate part almalik

  4. i like this song

  5. Debby Coda is who she is.

  6. big tune and no it aint jadakiss who sings respect my conglomerate haha

  7. love dis song!!! especially my hubby li wayne!!! luve u boo!!!

  8. jadakiss is sick, jus listen to his bars….oh no

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