Posted by: thecyberkrib | January 30, 2009

Maino “All The Above” feat. T-Pain (prod by Just Blaze)


Well, definitely not a huge Maino fan, but posting this more on the weight of T-Pain and Just Blaze.  Just comes up with another banger (just found out he did B.o.B’s “I’ll Be in the Sky” also), and T-Pain and him work together to create a layered hook that sounds amazing.

Download “All The Above” (instrumental) here



  1. this sonng is sickk. W00P. (: tehhe’
    xx. shelbyy

  2. yes maino is real

  3. yes

  4. i love this song! mostly because i was talking to this guy i liked and we were talking about what people think of us. he said people thought i was pretty, hot, cute, sexy, etc. then he told me to listen to this song. he said i was “all of the above” then asked me outt:)

    • awww that is a good man you should stay with him

  5. will i like this song because it make me think of the bad stuff i did and i know that i was bad and how i am going down the rong path of life going thinging i should not and how i should get out of the hood and do the right thing thank you for reading
    best song ever here is my hot mail to people want to meat me

  6. it reminds me of my bro cuz he used to gangbang erlday andme listenin to it makes me think bout him luv ya marcus

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