Posted by: thecyberkrib | January 15, 2009

Diddy speaks on Biggie (multi-part series)


If you’ve ever watched Diddy’s blogs, you always catch a mixture of arrogance, honesty, self-promotion, family moments, and so forth.

Diddy has just released a series of Diddy blogs where he speaks about Biggie, which will lead up to the release of NOTORIOUS. Now, obviously, this helps to promote the movie, but overall it seems very genuine on Puff’s end that the result of these blogs has led from the experience of executive producing the movie and watching the final product.

The series is posted below (3 parts thus far – any further posts will be added on so look for updates):

The Confessional Part 1 “Closure”

The Confessional Part 2 “The LA Story”

The Confessional Part 3 “Biggie & 2Pac”

The Confessional Part 4 “NOTORIOUS…One Of The Best”!


  1. this movie was so great!! go see it and no bootlegs…support bigs kids and moms

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