Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 28, 2008

Fat Joe “Windin’ On Me” feat. Ron Browz and Lil’ Wayne

Fat Joe

Here’s a new Fat Joe track, a nasty ass beat which I think is courtesy of Ron Browz (drum kicks give it away).  Ron Browz drops the hook (my least favorite part of the track), and Lil’ Wayne drops an on/off vocoder guest appearance.

My feelings on the track, leave Fat Joe on this beat solo, and you’ve got something that can even mess with Jealous One’s Envy era material.


  1. this shit go hard

  2. makes me wanna go out and party not a fan of joey if it wasnt for ron browz singn the courus it wouldnt be crack…nice good timing the weather is breaking

  3. lil wayne and ron browz need to work on more songz i aint really a fat joe fan either even though i can name a few tracks i like but wayne wiped his ass on this track and ron browz a fucking genius even though he use auto tunes he put it down beatz always bangin he aint even tryin to hard thats why i fucks with browz and im from texas

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