Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 19, 2008

k-os “4, 3, 2, 1” (Canadian premiere)


One of Canada’s marquee emcees k-os has just released a debut single from his forthcoming album Yes! which as of yet does not have an announced release date.

The new album will be a double disc, the first CD being his new album, with the second CD being a remix album featuring 11-remixes from producers who will compete for $1000 per slot for the 11 features remixes.

The new album will be released through Universal Music, in a new deal since moving from EMI.


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  3. Feelin’ this song tremendously!!!! Can’t go wrong with some k-os!

  4. Ah I’m so excited for his record to come out!! My friend won a remix on his album so I’m stoked to hear the remix record as well it’s gonna be amazing!

  5. Did any of you catch him on Much on Demand today? Amazing performance!

  6. I missed the MOD performance! So sad about that but wow. I picked up the album the other day and it’s awesome!!

  7. Yeah I’m really liking the new album and the remix album it’s awesome!

  8. I saw him in Vancouver last Friday. He was amazing! So talented.

  9. His live show is amazing hey? Bang on!

  10. Yeah I loved it!! So amazing. I heard Bang Bang on the radio today for the first time I was so excited!

  11. Glad you liked it!! I think Bang Bang is K’Naan though lol 🙂

  12. I’m digging Bang Bang too right now. Great for summer!

  13. Bang Bang is rad! I haven’t heard the rest of the album yet but I like this song a lot!

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