Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 2, 2008

Mixtape: Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero [download]


Toronto based singer/songwriter/producer Colin Munroe has just released a mixtape with brand new material, the first batch of material to emerge since the signing to Dallas Austin’s Rowdy Records (Universal Motown).

As both a huge fan of hip hop, and collaborator in terms of production work with many of Canada’s notable hip hop and soul acts, Colin has rounded up a slew of hip hop collaborators on the mixtape. Check out the details in the track listing below.

Listen to “Piano Lessons” as a preview track below, one of my personal favorites on the mixtape produced by none other than Detroit beatsmith Black Milk featuring Joell Ortiz. Colin and Black Milk graced the stage of Revival in Toronto just a few weeks ago, for a release concert for Milk’s new album Tronic.

Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero

1. The Unsung Hero (feat. Everybody) 1:35
2. Piano Lessons (feat. Joell Ortiz) 3:53
3. Will I Stay (feat. Wale & Dallas Austin) 3:48
4. One More Chance (feat. Mickey Factz) 3:19
5. As Much As You (feat. Blaqstarr) 3:18
6. Fever (Remix) 2:57
7. Cannon Ball (feat. Drake) 2:47
8. Who Killed Davey Moore (Bob Dylan REVOX) 3:29
9. Last Cause 3:53
10. Brick in the Wall (feat. Skyzoo) 3:33
11. To Find a Hero (feat. Novel) 3:16
12. Break Off (feat. Saukrates & Black Milk) 3:40
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday 4:49
14. What The Young Man Says (feat. Izza Kizza & MIMS) 4:38

Download the mixtape at:

Look for Colin Munroe’s debut full length Don’t Think Less of Me on Rowdy Records in 2009.



  1. Wicked alt-pop right hurr. I would’ve liked to see an album where he took more of the direction that tracks like Piano Lessons and Break Off were heading to but I understand why he choose to let this mixtape take this path instead.

    Colin’s capable of many styles but his musicality shines through no matter which genre he’s attacking that day. Unsung Hero is a solid piece of Canadian art. Well done.

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  4. Nice…feelin’ it.

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