Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 28, 2008

Busta Rhymes “Arab Money” remix ft. Diddy, T-Pain, and Akon


Busta’s banger “Arab Money” has a remix that has just dropped, the original Ron Browz (?) production, featuring guest appearances from T-Pain, Akon, Swizz and Diddy, and includes new lyrics from Busta.

Interestingly enough both Swizz and T-Pain are Muslim, and a glaring change has been made to the annunciation of Arab in the song. Q-Tip (also a noted Muslim) was one of the first to show excitement about the new single at a concert at the Knitting Factory where he was doing the “Arab Monday dance” along with Spliff and Busta. There is alot of talk about the song being insulting in terms of making a farce of Middle-Eastern culture. (feedback in comments is encouraged)

The following video shows in-studio smack-talk between Busta and Diddy (at Bad Boy studios) and Akon and T-Pain at an undisclosed studio working on their lyrics for the remix.

Busta’s Back On My BS drops March 10, 2009 on his new deal with Universal Motown.



  1. The original “Arab Money” ain’t a Swizzy beat– apparently it’s Ron Browz! Which surprises the fuck outta me ’cause not only does he sound exactly like Swizzy, but he’s been around forever, producing bangers like that one joint with Kool G Rap off the posthumous Big L album. “Fall Back”? I think that’s what it’s called. That beat is crack.

    Also, MOTHERFUCKER HE SAYS “PRINCE ALWALEED BIN TALAL AL-SAUD!” And mentions Malaysia! More rap songs should mention Malaysia.

    Between this, “Throw Da Water On ‘Em”, and that fucking astounding “Packin’ Them Thangs” joint with KEV BROWN on the beat (of all people), Busta is out of his mind with it lately. And it’s a good thing too– rap needs Bus-A-Bus rapping like this.

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  3. I always thought it was an odd way to pronounce Arab. We pronounce it like “Arrib” in Australia. But on the remix, I could swear I heard it said two different ways- “Aahraab” and “Baaraa”, the latter like it was being spoken backwards.
    Regardless, the song is one of the nicest thangs to come out of this autotune phase everynoe be going thru…
    But like SNP above, on all accounts I’m pretty sure Ron Browz hooked it up on this one…

  4. we Gettin Arab MonEy

  5. i think i like this song

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  7. A great article on the Muslim reaction to Busta Rhymes’ Remix of Arab Money:

  8. i want to know the lyrics

  9. i want to know the lyrics

  10. ^^ Same here. I want to know what they mean to see what the deal is about. Not knowing what it means off the bat, it sounds abit racist. “We getting Arab money”, sounds like a label to me…then again its like they just saying they got money! :p

  11. […] Busta Rhymes “Arab Money” remix ft. Diddy, T-Pain, and Akon Busta’s banger “Arab Money” has a remix that has just dropped, the original Swizzy production, […] […]



  14. he myt not b tryin ta b racist or wateva buh hez a muslim n inda eyes of allah swt its haram wa hez dun in islam lsnin 2 songs or even singin songz is haram so jus cuz hez a muslim n hez got a song wid islamic words in it doesnt meen its okai
    Allah swt aint guna say its okai ur a muslim uve got a ryt 2 mke songz lyk dis cuz ur a muslim jus 4 yuh ama change da hole consept of islam
    naa mate dont work like da
    wetha hez a muslim or not afta dis songs he aint a muslim not inda eyes of allah swt

  15. thats acutally wrong…

    and check this one out

    its surah rahman… listen to it… sounds like music to my ears… buddy…

    as far as iv heard from my grand ma… she said anything that’s like … club type music.. or dhol means>> drums… etc.. is haram… that makes loud noise and like hindus wen dey do their pooja making so much noise…

    and for us muslims even our AZHAAN is like a music… someone singing the Azhaan… ther’s a whole story behind wen the first Azhaan was given… which is surpisingly not our prophet.. but by this ex slave who became muslim had the most beautiful voice… sun refused to rise…untill this man sung his last Azhaan…

  16. Do u guys want to know why the song is offensive, number one it is misrepresenting a people, 2 groups of people to be exact, Arabs and Muslims. As u all might not know, not all Arabs are Muslim and not all Muslims are Arabs. In his first version of the song he calls Arabs, Ayrabs…Ayrab is a derogatory term which I personally as an ARAB find offensive, a Christian Arab would find this term derogatory as well. And by reciting the Quran and then saying Arab money he is stereotyping that all Muslims are Arabs and they are not… Indians, Iranians, Turks, Afghanistanis are not Arabs… there are MUSLIMS all over the world but not Arabs… there are even Chinese Muslims, so what in the name of God does Arab money have to do with Islam and the Quran??

    We as MUSLIMS do use the words of the Quran in songs but RELIGIOUS songs, they are called anasheeds such as this

    by Sami Yusuf who is not an ARAB but a Muslim who is from Pakistan. I dont think this song promotes drinking, adultery, gambling, promiscuous activity…I dont think this song will be played at any club anytime soon…where girls grind their asses on guys which really in Islam and Christianity adultery is a sin but we MUSLIMS still follow these rules and try our best to refrain from sinning.

    Or this
    its my Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens…
    orrrrrrrr by Zain also another Pakistani Muslim. its called Allah knows

    this is what Islam represents U CANT TAKE IT WITH U so u should understand why we would get offended and I think u have no right to tell us to lighten up. We shouldnt have to explain why we get offended when u talk about our religion or make fun of our people. Im an Arab Muslim born and raised in the U.S Im fairly open minded but when it comes to religion u people are taking it too far. We have a right to our privacy, and u can say what u want but not offending others ur discriminating people. And frankly Im sick of this whole anti Islam thing and anti Arab thing. Arabs are Semites go make a song about Jews and lets see if they wont get offended and if they dont call u anti Semitic. Go make a video about blacks and call them the N word and see if u wont have a major law suit on ur head. Ok so dont tell us what we can and cant feel. the video is offensive one he is not Arab 2 he is misrepresenting Arabs and Muslims.

  17. wgg1 ppl
    lisen yhhh u dnt hav any ryt 2 tell ppl wts ryt or wrong, the onlii person who can do that is Allah(swa)

    u tell me do u eva read da qur’an?do u pray5 tyms a day? we do ertin possible to mek our slf non-muslims, so y not jus gt on wid our lives and not wori bwt ne1 else, all u need 2 do is wori bwt urslf and wat ur doin rng.

    dis is me jus ptin ma point cross buh da song is bloody guud, buh i dnt like da islamic and nudety of words used in it.

    ———-Mobina—————— xoxoxoxo

  18. to tell you the truth…he is offending arabs and muslims, especially the remix. he says “bismillah elrahman elraheem, al hamdulillah rabbilalameen”, this is a verse extracted from the Qur’aan, and when muslims read the Qur’aan, they read it with depth, fear and respect of Allah. this remix is just wrong. it disrespects our religion.

  19. u all stoooooooopid its a song im a muslim and the rest of my family is none of us are offended yall just making it an issue cause yall just trying to prove some one wrong yeah well deuce and good luck with yalls argument man

  20. the song is hard

  21. who you calling studid

  22. i’m american

  23. I’m really shocked !!
    how it become !!

    They took the words from The Holy Quran !!
    It’s really wrong , u can’t say like this about a Relegin !!

  24. a Religon*

  25. it is just a song
    it doesn’t insult arab and muslims

  26. Im a muslim, from the carribean, and born in the US. I tink the remix is offensive, the faq dat ppl r makin it a big deal makes it a problem. i love diddy, busta, all of em, including the song, i didnt think it wasz offensive, til i read alla dis. the Quran is supposed to be recuited with respect to Allah, which isz not gona happen in a club, but ova time the song will fade into da baqrund, until the next offensive sang com out


  28. A check it
    Money ova every thing dont mean shit you got to stack ya paper and you got to stack it quick a we through away nigga money we through away nigga money dog fights cat fights in the back yard punk ass niggas just tryin to act hard we through away nigga money we through away nigga money…. now if you dont get affended by this then arab money you shouldnt get affended by

  29. this is my song…………….

  30. oooooo dis is hottttt

  31. you call this song :O ..
    respect allah please ..

  32. hhhhhhh i the arab top mtha fuck neggrs

  33. fuck all of u u don’t know who is allah …………and our god will fix every thing very soon

  34. This song is tight n like abdullah said respect allah

  35. They’re not offending anyone…..shut the fuck up. They’re rich as hell and can whatever they want. You people need to learn to how to spell….go to school. Form some coherent sentences even.

  36. And fuck you mohamed……..everyone’s God is same.

  37. heyyy what’s rong people ………….this is the worst song this is not good ok i am moslem

  38. I like this song. I get why some people might be offended… but this song is HARD!

  39. i lisen ² hip hop

  40. You are fools and stupid together not say nonsense Your lies will burn in hell and you will win the Arabs soon. you stupid

  41. i love that song and mother fucker i am ill

  42. iz funny how some muslims saying this song aint offensive…r u fukkin out of ur damnn mind…these people r using verses from the quran…they can sing about arab money all they want or even say muslim money dat aint shiit…but using words from the holly quran is stupidness and madness…diz aint right n whoeva likes this song u gon join them mofukkaz in hell…i mean i like diddy n busta…but this time they takin shiiit to the next level..n iz fukked big time…ima singer my self i luv muslim…im not extreame religious but this iz something i cant take…fukkk them n to those none muslim saying this aint offensive DA FUKK U KNOW ABOUT R RELIGION? we know better so go fukk ur selves fukkin ignorantss…fukk this song n anybody who likes it…peaceee

  43. MUSIC***

  44. This song is hot ! And whatever sexy that’s singing the Arabic lyrics make it hotter. Everybody knows that Arab Money is referring to the Big Boys living in Dubai and U.A.E…..over there D.R.I.F.T.I.N.G in cars that we can’t pronunce ….. this was nothing more than a shot out to the most Beautiful and the most Gorgeous not to mention wealthiest men on the face of this plantet.
    There was no disrespect, he was just letting you all know who the real Ballers are and he just want a piece of their pie. Don’t blame him.

  45. OOoops !!!! I mean planet. See, I even get caught up just by thinking about they fine asses.

  46. eniway wy are we mslims worrying cause we wont go hell they will so lets stop making uther pple rong

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