Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 24, 2008

Joe Budden “The Future” feat. The Game (too future…?)


After a long stretch of singles, mixtapes, label jumps, highs and lows, Joe Budden will release his official sophomore album Padded Room on February 24 through West Coast based Amalgam Digital.

Unfortunately for most fans of Joe, this likely will be a disappointment.  Amalgam or management, appear to have taken the radio “killa” approach on this one – sounding more like a Rhianna, Keri Hilson, or The Dream production as opposed to the “street” approach you’d expect from both Budden and The Game.

Personally I think I can get with this to an extent, accepting it as a purely “for the club” track, however that hook just pushes it beyond my acceptance level.

Radio spin wise, Joe could get move love than literally all the past singles he’s dropped, however will this leave the core fans jaded?

Good move or bad, hopefully this will be the net to capture a wider audience, and Joey will proceed with something a little less Ferrari/Miami next single.


  1. Joe Budden ft. The Game “The Future” is produced by Fyu-chur

    The future is here.

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