Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 19, 2008

Jay Electronica “Exhibit A: Transformations” (prod. by Just Blaze)


Jay Electronica is on the best day, scarce.

The emcee who was reported to be releasing a follow-up to his Act I: Eternal Sunshine last Christmas, never appeared to drop Act II (the 200MB epic).  A couple tracks that were mentioned to be on Act II emerged during the year, including “Extra Extra” produced by Madlib, but Act II was nowhere to be found.

He did pop-up as an early slotted act at Rock The Bells 2008, however due to his literal first set of the day slot, 75% of the audience likely missed his performance (including myself). I heard it was ok though, him and his staff. I did see him walking through the parking lot on his way out, maybe to put his staff in the tour bus…haha.

In any case, I was happy to find out today that a recent track “Exhibit A: Transformations” has emerged through the The Megatron Don produced by none other than the head of Jay’s cheering section Just Blaze.

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