Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 18, 2008

Think Twice – The Piano Man (mixtape)


Canada is on FIRE right now in terms of new music creeping out.

Montreal producer Think Twice released a collaborative mixtape presented by Carhartt Japan in September entitled The Piano Man, and the mixtape is now available for FREE download through Think Twice’s website.

If you haven’t heard of him before, Think Twice was on the beats in the group Specifics along with Golden Boy who held down the verbals in the group.

Check out his production talents on the mixtape, and let us know what you think in the comments, or just pass on the link to a friend. Here’s a little snippit of “On The Go” by The Jonesz to encourage you to grab the full download below.

The Jonesz – On The Go

01. The Jonesz – Guess What [Think Twice Remix]
02. Specifics – Under The Hood
03. Think Twice Ft. Lotus & Karma – Supafly
04. Think Twice Ft. The 49ers – They Don’t Know
05. The Jonesz – Lemonade
06. The Jonesz – On The Go
07. Specifics – My Tunes
08. Specifics – Look Alive
09. Think Twice Ft Fineprint & Schubert – Tell Me
10. Think Twice – Karma’s Beat
11. Think Twice – Inst.1
12. Think Twice -Inst.2
13. Think Twice – Inst.3
14. Pat D & Lady Paradox – Summertime [Think Twice Remix]
15. Lotus – Synthia [Prod by Lotus]
16. The Jonesz – Kill Mics [Prod by Patr00]



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