Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 17, 2008

K’naan “ABC’s” feat. Chubb Rock [debut new single]


K’naan’s new album Troubadour will be released in January 2009 through a new deal with A&M/Octone (Universal), a move from Sony BMG Canada who released his debut album The Dusty Foot Philosopher (2005), released officially in the US through Interdependent Media.

The debut single from Troubadour features Chubb Rock and is entitled “ABC’s”.

The album was partially recorded at the Marley compound in Jamaica, as K’naan and Damien Marley have been close since touring globally over the past couple years. Marley will appear on the new album, in addition to Mos Def, and others.

Introduction to K’naan EPK:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/136574&embedId=49403673&premium=false&height=524&width=500]


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  2. Knaan – ABCs (Gnawledge Remix) –> free mp3 download

    flamenco-arab hip-hop since 1954 from Granada Doaba

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