Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 10, 2008

Saukrates “Fades Away” feat. Drake and King Reign


Well, Sauks had rumoured to be releasing a new record by 3rd quarter of 2008, but you never know with the long awaited when things are actually going to happen.  It’s a frustration when one of Canada’s best can release random singles for years, without a new full album to come with it, but I guess it’s the reality of paying bills and making sure other aspects of ones career are happening at the same time (production, songwriting, touring with Nelly Furtado, etc.).

This has been floating around since mid-October, but we wanted to wait for a good quality copy to emerge in order to give you a listen to this one.  Featuring Toronto natives King Reign and Drake.


  1. so i know im HELLA late but can you put the mp3??

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