Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 8, 2008

Black Milk + Elzhi + Houseshoes = The D in the building!


(photography courtesy of my man henri)

The D made a Toronto invasion this past Thursday, as Detroit’s Black Milk, Elzhi, and DJ Houseshoes blessed the TDot with that D bottom end goodness.

Houseshoes, eventhough a bit tipsy from the flowing liquor that night, threw down his usual goodie bag of Detroit classics and exclusives. The city that lives and breathes DILLA definitely got a solid dose of Dilla tracks and productions – with every name drop of DILLA the crowd went nuts.


To some this has become quite a phenomenon, an army of DILLA fans in the city, some of whom may not have even known of the beat wizard before his passing. To others it becomes a bit cliche, a slew of people that will flock to anything DILLA, but still have blinders on in terms of the wealth of OTHER great hip hop out there in a similar vein to Detroit street soul. In the end, hopefully DILLA can help open the eyes of more commercial hip hop listeners to a wealth of other great music just under the radar.

Scarborough’s Tona got the crowd amped up, quickly becoming a Toronto hometown favorite. Look out for new music coming from Tona soon.


Elzhi I must say is the best emcee out of Slum Village (the second generation of SV), however, live performance doesn’t seem to live up to the excitement you get from his recorded material. I noticed this when Slum performed last time in Toronto, and especially solo, there is a definite lack of presentation and interaction with the crowd while he performs. I do think Elzhi is one of the key lyricists out there right now, just lacks the stage presence that would make him ideal in both mediums. The set was pretty short as well, which again seems to indicate that Elzhi doesn’t love being up there on stage.



Black Milk was the last to take the stage. Black’s youthful energy and stage presence really got the crowd moving, who to that point had been stuck at about 50/50. Black had the beats running live from the MPC, and brought a mix of bangers from TRONIC, as well as his previous two full length records.

(all photos courtesy my man henri – view the entire gallery here)


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