Posted by: thecyberkrib | October 2, 2008

Peedi Peedi “Sweet Dreams” targets Jay-Z [video]

Well, Illadelph’s Peedi Peedi is definitely annoyed at the fact that the ROC is sitting on his music, and obviously in no rush to release it after likely 8-years being with the label, but only a few official singles released through Roc-a-fella.

There’s been rumours that Peedi may join The Roots crew – something that has as yet only been seen in the form of cameo appearances – but being Philly fam, this may be true.  Although this doesn’t mean much until Peedi is able to create outside of the Roc-a-fella imprint – ironic as The Roots were inked to a deal with ROC parent label Def Jam by none other than Jay-Z.

A long time Peedi fan, formerly known as Peedi Crakk, I hope the guys gets a break and has the ability to actually put out a full length.  Who knows if the stuff with Roc-a-fella has even been his best, if he’s been trying to get out of his deal for who knows how long.

Check this out – I’m lovin’ it.

Previously: The Roots “Get Busy” video feat. Dice Raw and Peedi Crakk


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