Posted by: thecyberkrib | August 20, 2008

Shad “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” [video]

The LDot’s (London, ON that is) Shad has just released a spectacular tribute based video to the classic after-school TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The track is from Shad’s sophomore album release The Old Prince which was released in late 2007 (Black Box Recordings).

Shad will be doing some touring during the “back-to-school” time frame with his West Coast bandmates Hey Ocean. You can check him out at the following spots…

(you can watch in high-quality if you go to the direct video page and choose option under the counter)

Director: Hot Dog Garbage
Producer: The Field (Katharine Wilson / Cherie Sinclair)

Find out more about Shad @

SHAD Tour Dates
08.27.08 – Muskoka, ON (Muskoka Woods)
08.28.08 – Peterborough, ON (SPLICE – Peterborough)
08.29.08 – Ottawa, ON (Capitol Music Hall | opening for Dilated Peoples)
08.31.08 – Montreal, QC (Sala Rossa)
09.07.08 – Toronto, ON (Virgin Music Festival)
09.12.08 – London, ON (Salt Lounge)
09.16.08 – Ottawa, ON (The OBS – Algonquin College)
09.17.08 – Toronto, ON (MOD Club / Hey Ocean Tour)
09.18.08 – Waterloo, ON (The Starlight)
09.19.08 – London, ON (Fanshawe College)
09.20.08 – Sarnia, ON (Paddy Flaherty’s)
09.24.08 – Saskatoon, SK (USSU – Louis’ Pub)
09.25.08 – Edmonton, AB (Urban Lounge)
09.26.08 – Calgary, AB (SAIT – The Gateway)
09.27.08 – Kelowna, BC (The Wall – OUC)
09.29.08 – Toronto, ON (Polaris Music Prize – Phoenix Concert Theatre)
10.03.08 – Montreal, QC (POP Montreal)
10.23.08 – New York, NY (CMJ Music Marathon)



  1. That’s gangster!!!!! A man can completely bite a hardrock like Thirsten Howl the 3rd- with no fear, cake off an 18 event tour, & end the tour in Thirsten’s ‘hood?!?!?!!!

    Almost as gangster as online magazine publishers, comin’ to the ‘hood & givin’ away CDs for free on the same corner that real heads are tryin’ to feed seeds with their CDs.

    Hand in glove promotions.

    I love y’all second-hand culture MFs, anyway.

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