Posted by: thecyberkrib | August 18, 2008

My friend a 2-time Olympic Medalist (Simon Whitfield)…?

Well, I know this isn’t usually much of a sports blog, but I have to take the time out to congratulate and tribute a long time friend of mine, Simon Whitfield, on his second appearance to the Olympic podium for his silver medal performance during the Triathlon in Beijing this evening (Tuesday morning Beijing time).

To think I played in the sandbox with this athletic machine is somewhat surreal – but there was always an indication of something big for mister St Q. when after running cross-country races in elementary and highschool (and usually winning), he would want to go out and play football or road hockey the same day.

He didn’t quite last past CAL hockey once highschool hit, was a little too “slim” for the whole bodychecking of highschool hockey, but I think he took a good secondary choice in terms of a sport to work at following a a good youth hockey career.

It’s not always been easy to keep in touch regularly between two very busy people, but I do enjoy seeing deserving people around me get that they strive for, especially when your life is dedicated to it – likely more than 12-hours a day at some points.

Congratulations to you mister Simon Whitfield, the true example of an athlete, and a genuine REAL person.  Also congrats to your family who have had as much to do with your success, as your sheer talent and drive have.

Check out Simon’s blog for what I’m sure will be further updates about his life since winning Silver, joining his Gold medal from Sydney 2000.


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