Posted by: djmensa | July 22, 2008

R.I.P. – Baltimore’s DJ K-Swift

Relatively unknown to Canadian audiences, but seen as a dominant force of the Baltimore Club music, DJ K-Swift, aka “The Club Queen,” passed away Sunday due to a drowning incident at her home.

DJ’ing from the age of 11, and starting as an intern in the male dominated urban music scene of Baltimore, MD, K-Swift (born Khia Edgerton in 1980) came up the ranks of the city’s biggest station, 92Q Jams. From intern to morning show to full time jock, Edgerton quickly disproved many skeptics with her tenacious work ethic and willingness to improve. She ultimately became America’s first and only female Mix Show Co-ordinator.

To the many Maryland partygoers who had seen her spin live, played her mixtapes, or heard her voice on the air every evening, she embodied a love for her city and the music that it had borne. This inspired many and gave a much-needed voice to the inner city.

In the burgeoning electro scene that has been sparked worldwide in recent years, Baltimore club music has made a huge impact. K-Swift’s last two parties included one that would have helped solidify a presence outside of her home, and hopefully a long and fruitful career as an international DJ.

From a personal standpoint, to hear this story is nothing less than a tragedy, and is a personal reminder to celebrate life to the fullest. At the tender age of 28, “The Club Queen” K-Swift has left us at the top of her game, and with a body of work that will solidify her as a musical icon in her community and an ambassador of Baltimore, MD.

Rest in peace.

K-Swift’s Website –
K-Swift’s Myspace –
K-Swift’s Parent Label –


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