Posted by: thecyberkrib | July 18, 2008

Skillz “For Real” from The Million Dollar Backpack

Skillz label Big Kidz and Koch are preparing for his new release, The Million Dollar Backpack, which lands on store shelves this Tuesday, July 22.

The mic man for Jazzy Jeff around the globe, and pen behind the annual “Rap-Up”, Skillz has released rare formal solo releases. The Million Dollar Backpack will be Skillz official third album, following his debut as Mad Skillz on Big Beat/Atlantic and the Skillz release Mad Skillz in 2006 with Rawkus.

The current new single “For Real” is a prime example of where Skilz can go with his writing, something with a little more of a story behind it, as the strictly punchline tracks have become a bit repetitive over the years from Skillz – likely one of his flaws. Incredible layered, feel good production on this one as well.

Also, take a listen to the Million Dollar Backpack sampler here…


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