Posted by: thecyberkrib | July 4, 2008

PPP: meet the Abundance cast

Platinum Pied Pipers

The Platinum Pied Pipers (now strictly PPP due to legalities) are gearing up for the release of their sophomore release Abundance. The album scheduled for an October 2008 release will feature Waajeed and Saadiq as the backbone production partners, with a fresh case of collaborators, the key two being Karma Stewart (Los Angeles) and Coultrain (St. Louis/Brooklyn), as well as appearances by Jamila Reagan and Nico Redd.

Expect to hear a new sound on this second venture from PPP, with a notable Motown influenced lead cut “On a Cloud” featuring Karma Stewart. Coultrain who lead much of the writing on the album, brings a funk approach to the mix.

We’ll let the videos below tell you the full story.

Meet The Cast Volume #1 (Waajeed & Saadiq)

Meet The Cast Volume #2 (Coultrain)

Abundance Volume #2 (Waajeed & Karma)

The lead single “On a Cloud” feat. Karma (w/ Trackademicks remix) b/w “Angel” feat. Coultrain drops Tuesday on Ubiquity Records, which you can pick-up online at:

PPP “On a Cloud” feat. Karma

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