Posted by: thecyberkrib | July 1, 2008

OH Canada: a Canadian content sampler

It’s the celebration of our national pride here in Canada today, and on that note I felt it would be nice to tribute our Canadian hip hop and soul artists with tracks from some new and upcoming projects that we may or may not have touched on through TheCyberKrib United yet.

Note that this isn’t ALL the great music out there that has recently come out, but a taste of what to look for in the coming months. Any Canadian artists who want their music considered for future posts, reviews, coverage, etc. make sure we get that music, or there’s no reason to complain why you don’t see it up here (aheemmm… Sauks, we need updated music from you).

Jennie Laws “Heavenly”
(from current release: Introducing Jennie Laws)

Masia One “Head In The Clouds” feat. Zaki Ibrahim
(from forthcoming release: Pulau)

Art of Fresh (D.O. & Slakah the Beatchild) “Out This World”
(from forthcoming release: Back 2 Earth (August 19th)

D-Sisive “Up”
(from current release: The Book)

9th Uno “Press”
(from forthcoming release: Unassociated Press)

HERO “Trust” feat. Loer Velocity
(from current release: E-Dot and Darp Malone are HERO)

Nu High (Sikh Knowledge and Lotus) “The Barrel + Bison Riddim”
(from forthcoming release: Nu High)

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