Posted by: thecyberkrib | June 23, 2008

Nas a “Hero” for the clubs with Keri Hilson


Well, with the first couple Nas singles from the forthcoming yet UNTITLED album having not been anything particularly exciting (lyrically yes, audibly so-so), it’s somewhat exciting to see that Nas can rock a club track with the official debut single “Hero”. The production, though commercial in scope, is a mile better than anything that has thus far been released from the new album – and having a sexy ass talented vocalist like Keri Hilson down on the collaboration isn’t a bad bonus.

“Hero” is produced by Polow Da Don and will be the first official single from the UNTITLED album, which is now due for release on July 15th.

Also, check out the recent video released for “Be A Nigger Too” directed by Rik Cordero of Three /21 Films. Acapella in the intro in true Nas form.

Check out more Nas info on the new album, video exclusives, and more at…



  1. If I could rap I would want to be just like Nas. This dude is consistent. I can always expect quality from Nas. You always understand what the hell he is saying! You da man!

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