Posted by: thecyberkrib | June 16, 2008

John Legend and Andre 3000 “Green Light”

John Legend

John Legend is currently working on his third solo effort, which is said to be dropping in September 2008.

Legend has already finished collaborations for the album with, Pharrell, Andre 3000 of Outkast, and of course Kanye West.

The following is a track that has leaked entitled “Green Light” featuring Andre 3000.

Props to DJ Mensa on the heads up on this one.



  1. John, your horizon has been expanded. Thank you so much. You are a star on your own, much talented, and total package. Not really needed, because you can hold your own. But this is really nice. This is also another plus for Andre. I can not wait to hear That’s my man. Please make Atlanta your first stop when you start your tour. Can we have an intimate venue like The Tabernacle or Roxy? Give me the “GREEN LIGHT”

  2. OMG!! I amazed at this man’s artistry. He is so versatile. This is definitely the summer ’08 BANGER!!!

  3. This guy should play the lottery because he is the luckiest SOB ever! There’s no way John Legend should be anything more than a session musician because his vocal tone is just irritating. I have to give you props, you really have the public fooled, apparently I am in the minority of the people that think that you cannot sing at all. Get that lottery ticket.

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