Posted by: thecyberkrib | June 11, 2008

Agile (BBL/Brassmunk) feat. Frank ‘n Dank “The Realest”

Agile - The Realest feat. Frank \'n Dank

Agile you may know for his work with both Brassmunk (DJ/producer), as well as for Big Black Lincoln (Dj/producer). Or maybe you know him as the man that produced “Heaven” which was utlized both by NAS w/ Jully Black and July Black solo. Or you may know him as one of the crowd favorite deejays in the clubs around Toronto.

Regardless of how you know Agile, or even if you don’t, we’ve got a brand new track produced by Agile featuring Tha D’s Frank ‘n Dank (shout out to Needillworks? Ent).

Agile is currently working on a urban/pop crossover production record which should emerge sometime by the end of 2008, or early 2009. In the meantime he’ll also let out some more street level hip hop tracks and such that he’s been working on. This is likely the first in a series of tracks we’ll hear from Agile in the next little while.

Check out more production from Agile at: |


  1. Check out the new Angerville Video “Dear Dad” directed by Sharpshooter

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  3. dank has not seen or paid for his child in years….
    poor jermaine…could he get bag of milk with all your success?

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