Posted by: thecyberkrib | June 1, 2008

D-Sisive releases new album The Book


“What ever happened to the music what they asked me…”

D-Sisive has returned, and with a venomous energy at that.

The Book is an 8-track taste of the classic D-Sisive punch line driven clever emceeing, but the new material also brings an equally melancholy approach to his material, full of imagery and personal relevance.  Until we speak to D it’ll be unsure how many of the songs are based on his own personal experiences, and which are a creation based on others.

The 8-tracks runs quickly, moreso an EP format, but it works in a manner that doesn’t require one to hit the skip button – the tracks laced produced by Oriville Knoblich, Anonymous Twist, The Arkeologists, Bird, and Moss.

D performed last Thursday in Toronto at The Reverb to formally launch the record, and glad to say he hasn’t lost any charisma that has made him one of the most captivating hip hop performers from the North Coast.

The following are a couple tracks from The Book, as well as a video that was just released for “Laundry Room”.

“Brian Wilson”


“Laundry Room”

You can visit D-Sisive online at:


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