Posted by: thecyberkrib | May 25, 2008

Almost September feat. KRS-One and Sleepy Brown “Love”

Almost September

Great idea on paper, but a trainwreck in reality.

Received this track a couple days ago, by Almost September, a new trio featuring the hip hop pioneer MC Lyte along side the younger upcoming producer/writer/vocalist Whitey and producer/writer Jared Lee. It’s interesting to see Lyte return with the support of some younger cats on her side – the problem is is that she’s the strongest of the three, so something she could be doing better on her own, unfortunately gets pulled down by a crew that doesn’t appear to be that talented.

The production quality from the duo at her side doesn’t come off as that strong, seeming somewhat misdirected and generic (even with some major production credits to their name). The rhymes are equally mediocre, and unfortunately weaken Lyte’s own performance at the same time.

The lead single features special appearances by both KRS-One and Sleepy Brown (of Outkast/Dungeon Family), which would seem like a sure shot win, however the uninspiring production doesn’t even leave room for Sleepy Brown to save things on the hook.

“Beautiful” on their myspace, the first single they ever recorded as a group is definitely a better track, however still not anything in comparison to the power of Lyte’s classic catalogue.



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