Posted by: thecyberkrib | May 22, 2008

Common feat. Pharrell – Universal Mind Control (Bambaataa for ’08)


A brand new Common has leaked, from the forthcoming album which is rumoured to have been done sans any contributions from Kanye West – as mister West has been just a bit busy of recent.

“Universal Mind Control” is a Pharrell production and is an obvious tribute to the sound of Afrika Bambaataa, on some “Mind Control” vibe.

Personality, I’m loving it. I’ve been a bit bored by Common over the past couple records, not that they were weak records, just that they didn’t really show the breadth of Common’s talent. That raw Com Sense that came out years ago on Can I Borrow a Dollar? and Resurrection has somewhat been phased out, the really lyrical Common, without needing to be all smooth and cutesy.

Respect to both Com and Pharrell on this one – really hope they shoot a video for this one, could be fire!

(DJ tagged by DJ Ski and Reflex – Power 106)


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