Posted by: burras | May 21, 2008

Aging Rapper Tells Teens “Shut up bitch, I shoot guns.”

Epic (Saskatoon)

Epic – the rapper who looks like someone’s dad – has just released his fifth album, called Aging Is What Friends Do Together.

Here’s an MC for all my people who keep talking about hip hop stereotypes. Epic has no jewels, no oversize gear, he has grey hair, he raps about what he likes (hockey and rap) and he enunciates very clearly. He’s also got a lot of wit jammed into his slow and steady rhymes. Although, as Thomas Quinlan from Hand’Solo Records tells me, “not everyone recognizes Epic’s humour.”

If you check out the full album, you’ll hear plenty of swears, shouts to the 780, and some rad contributions from Touch, Nomad, Soso (oh what a beat on Move Home!) and more.

If you just want to check out a song or two, you can download the new Hand’Solo mixtape, Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons here.

If you only (heart) old guys, you might also enjoy DJ Cyber-Rap


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