Posted by: thecyberkrib | May 13, 2008

Dwele Sketches of a Man (album sampler)


The new album from Dwele, Sketches of a Man is about 6-weeks away from release, on July 24th – his debut album in a new deal with KOCH Records.

The immediate indication by a listen to the sampler is that an independent record deal has allowed Dwele to create music more close to his desire, as opposed to working within the restrictions of formula R&B/soul that he’d continually had issues with while on Virgin. The new album brings Dwele back to a more gritty, experimental, and non-overproduced sound – one that originally caught peoples ears with his first EP demo Rize released in 1998.

Take a listen to snippits from the full length Sketches of a Man below – in stores June 24!

Those in the Toronto area can check out Dwele on June 25, 2008. See the flyer image below for details, click flyer for more info.

Dwele LIVE in Toronto on June 24, 2008.



  1. can’t wait!

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