Posted by: thecyberkrib | May 7, 2008

In-Studio: Ryan Leslie “Irina” LIVE rehearsal

Ryan Leslie

Singer, songwriter and producer Ryan Leslie is preparing for an August release of his debut self-titled album on Universal Motown / Next Selection. His current single “Diamond Girl” has been receiving heavy spins at radio, and the man behind Cassie is preparing to step up himself.

Here’s some footage of Leslie rehearsing for a performance at R&B Live in NYC with his band, a track from his album called “Irina”.

“Irina” is about that person, whomever it may be in your life. Someone that made you feel like you were worth something again. It could be anyone. The song’s not sexual. The word ‘love’ doesn’t appear once. It’s about the feeling you get when you know you’re making someone happy by just being yourself.

And here is an actual video Leslie had shot by French director Guillaume Doubet  ( for “Irina” which was shot in double-time speed, and slowed down in the actual final video.

Final, here’s the video for the current single “Diamond Girl”.

Check out Ryan Leslie at and a slew of video content at

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