Posted by: phil from Dope-A-Lot | April 29, 2008

Trap-A-Holics & Andre 3000 – Alter Ego The Mixtape

Making the rounds this morning is some dopeness from the Trap-A-Holics. The crew that brought you Tennessee Titans and Definition of Real put out a banging mixtape of some Andre 3000 material. Scattered across various albums, this is some of Andre’s finest work, including older classics like Git Up GIt Out and newer gems with Devin the Dude and Snoop off Waitin’ To Inhale.  Here’s the tracklist and link.

01. royal flush feat big boi
02. art of story telling feat dj drama
03. international player
04. 30 something feat. jay-z
05. you feat. lloyd & nas
06. everybody
07. throw some ds
08. walk it out
09. a day in the life of andre benjamin
10. long way to go feat gwen stefani
11. millionaire feat kelis
12. she lives in my lap
13. prototype
14. pink and blue
15. chronomentrophobia
16. greatest show on earth feat macy gray
17. boogie man feat big gip
18. necterine feat cherokee
19. junglebook
20. trans df express
21. spottieottiedogaliscious
22. liberation feay erykah badu, cee lo & big boi
23. humble mumble feat big boi & erykah badu
24. so fresh,so clean
25. hollwood divorce feat snoop dogg & lil wayne
26. what a job feat devin the dude & snoop dogg
27. get up, git out
28. watch for the hook feat coolbreeze
29. streets talking feat slick rick

Download here courtesy of 2dopeboyz.



  1. dear andre,

    i love you.

    i have been quietly waiting my turn since “Jazzybelle”, i supported your past relationships and successes- mainstream and underground.

    i had the chance to meet you on several occasions and yet, tho we were face to face, the air escaped my lungs-terrified of crossing the line of fantasy to reality.

    but now, after “royal flush” and your cavity sweet verse on UNK’s “walk it out”… i’m ready to go there. it’s way past sexual for me, as i’d happily transform into a cotton swab to get closer to that beautiful brain of yours.

    i’m here dre. incense lit. veggie burger is loaded and your greens plus is on ice.

    one meeting. all i ask. one.

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