Posted by: thecyberkrib | April 25, 2008

Janelle Monae’s Bad Boy unveiling in NYC

Janelle Monae

Well, the talent of Janelle Monae, which was discovered by many of us a while ago – potentially even 2-3 years ago or more (Purple Ribbon – Big Boi of Outkast), is now being considered an artist “discovered” by P Diddy.  I guess if Diddy wants to accept responsibility for something that we knew well before he did, then so be it…errrr…yeah.

Bad Boy Records will be releasing Janelle’s debut full length Metropolis on June 24, an album that will combine tracks from her independently released Metropolis: Suite #1 (The Chase) and the yet to be released Metropolis: Suite #2, along with additional tracks done since.

It’s yet to be seen if the Bad Boy camp is the right fit for Janelle (most fans seem to think otherwise), but ironically the robot theme of Monae’s aka Cindy Mayweather places genuine talent in to something that could be mass produced like a robot, quite the opposite of Bad Boy’s recent creations where a manufactured group was born in the hopes of quality talent coming out as a result.

Janelle Monae Bad Boy debut in NYC

Janelle Monae TV Performance



  1. I don’t believe she needs to see if she fits Badboy, as i understand it, Puff’s just a big fan of Janelle’s and Outkast’s and he wanted to partner with them to help get the project more exposure.

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