Posted by: thecyberkrib | April 11, 2008

Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto with Masta Ace

Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto - 1 Yr. Anniversay - Masta Ace

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The Toronto franchise of Hip Hop Karaoke celebrated their 1-year anniversary last night, and the Masta of the I.N.C. came along for the ride.

HHK Toronto moved to a much larger venue for their first birthday celebration, putting Karaoke participants on a high full stage for the crowds viewing pleasure.

Masta Ace participated in the evening both performing material from his catalogue (“The INC Ride”, “Jeep Ass Ni***”, “Beautiful”), and a couple cover tracks of his choosing (“Warm It Up Kane”, “Crooklyn”). Ace was a great sport, being open to throwing down along side some of the HHK regulars (Marley Marl’s “The Symphony”) and also supplying back-up support for his driver for the gig Mike Large.

Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto - 1 Yr. Anniversay - The Symphony

The co-promoter of the event, REMG, provided a highlight of evening when one of the company owners Jeff Brandman took stage and threw down back-up’s for the Notorious “Jew” on Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments.” Big up’s to Tash (Ninja Tune Canada) who also took on Biggie in a big way with her version of “Warning.”

The one thing that was unfortunate was the somewhat comatose nature of most of the crowd, less the front 5 rows of people who were showing energy throughout. When you hear classics being thrown down, and 2/3 of the venue are just standing there – it dulls the vibe a little.

Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto - 1 Yr. Anniversay - RaSoul

Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto - 1 Yr. Anniversay - Sean Ward

Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto - 1 Yr. Anniversay - Rhinoceros

Here are a few choice clips below shot by Marta at Mastee’s…

MASTA ACE performing “Born To Roll aka Jeep Ass Ni***” (Bizcapella)

RHINOCEROS performing “Ante Up” (M.O.P.)

MASTA ACE w/ GERSH and KAGAN performing “The Symphony” (Marly Marl)

SHERRY performing “Chief Rocka” (Lords of the Underground)

Keep up on Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto at:

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