Posted by: thecyberkrib | April 7, 2008 “Heartbreaker” video feat. Cheryl Cole

Honestly I didn’t pay much attention to’s most recent release Songs About Girls. Even though it was his major label solo debut, after a series of independent albums which we’re quite strong records, I guess the change of direction for the Black Eyed Peas had sort of turned me off of the crew as a whole.

I’ve taken in bits and pieces of this record, and while I didn’t dig most of what I’ve heard, the current single “Heartbreaker” is pretty solid. The dance floor cut has a distinct disco edge to it, which gives a bit more of the unique flavour that I’d grown to enjoy from on his previous independent albums.

Here is the video for “Heatbreaker” featuring UK singer Cheryl Cole, a member of British girl group Girls Aloud (and wife to Chelsea F.C. footballer Ashley Cole).



  1. I like this..its not something groundbreaking but I can listen to it without changing the track..and that is never bad..

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